treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


spring! it's spring! tra-la-la! we survived to see blossoms a-bloomin'

and some of you feared this day would never come, but never fear
tree friends,

are back

kayte terry's book
reverse-applique bird

Sun March 29 Applique Workshop with Kayte Terry

you have a closet full of boring clothes that are begging for
more personality? Then appliqué is the craft for you! Learn how
to add beautiful reverse appliqué to a pair of jeans, a skirt,
a jacket or anything else you can think of. You supply the clothes
and we'll teach you everything you need to know to reverse appliqué.

Kayte Terry is a stylist and author living in Brooklyn. Her first
book, Complete
was published in 2008 and she has a new book
Your Way
with Chronicle Books coming out next fall. Her
popular design website is
Sun. March 29 6:30-8:30 $40

erin weckerle's purldrop mittens

Thursdays, April 2 & 9 Intro to Knitting with Erin Weckerle

Knitting is knotty fun in Spring! for knitting newbies..!

The Lovely Erin Weckerle of Sodafine and Purldrop fame, and our
fabulous cohort in the fashion show finale at Williamsburg Fashion
Weekend is a knitting and crocheting diva, and is gracing treehouse
with her amazing knitting skills! Always wanted to learn to knit
but didn't know where to begin? Then this 2-part class is the
way to go! Come get armed with knitting knowledge in this super-intensive
workshop. learn cast-on, cast-off, knit stitch , purl stitch and
increasing and decreasing too!....don't despair, pretty soon you'll
be knitting like a pro!

(supplies can be purchased at treehouse, or you an bring your

Thurs. April 2 & 9, 6:30-9pm

April 5th Junk to Jewels with Siri Wilson

Ever wonder what to do with all those beads and baubles from Grandma's
closet? Or do you need yet another reason to keep hoarding broken
necklaces and single earrings? Well here's your answer! In just
one two hour session you'll learn how to restring and clasp necklaces
and bracelets on silk and nylon thread. You'll learn the basics
of jump ring usage, as well as chain layering and clasping. All
this will be done with cut apart treasures and loose bead findings.
We'll provide the know how and lotsa junk, feel free to bring
your own baubles as well. Treehouse's own Siri will show you how
it's done!

Sunday April 5th 6:30-8:30 $40

April 16th Embroidery with Cal Patch of Hodgepodge

The lovely Cal Patch is back in the trees with her fabulous embroidery
skills and that loveable sidekick Gertie too. In this one session
extravaganza, you'll learn 12 classic embroidery stitches and
be off and running to custom-decorate everything you own! After
making a basic stitch sampler, Cal will help you visualize planning
your own personal project. All supplies included ...including
tasty treats!...Stitch away!

Thursday, April 16th 6:30-8:30

p.s. all of our classes take place in the treehouse, sometimes
during business hours. because of this, the classes are kept small
so that everyone can participate (usually 4-6 people per class).

once a class fills up, we'll start a waiting list for the next

Vas brought down the house at Williamsburg Fashion Week!

preggers dreiky caprice  in Sirius* for treehouse outfit and bling

pic from our fashion show with sodafine and tom tom magazine.
many more pics on flickr)

Can't believe it's been over a month since the fashion show.
Still reeling from the amazement. An all-female percussion-based
group was created for the event, and is living on, now named Chica
...go check 'em out! Thanx again to everyone involved,
and there's lotsa great picks and video on the treehouse
and the sodafine

BTW, our clothing SALE
is STILL going strong,
and is 30%
off vintage clothes
, and now 25%
off new designer
....and because we're crazy and
crave more space for new goodies....wait for it....vintage
winter clothes is now 50% OFF
So get that piece you were coveting before it's gone forevers!
And we've started putting out some spring wares... they're on
sale too! Already a few beautiful spring frocks have found new
happy homes...but there's more treasures in the trees with your
name on them!

kisses from the branches, and reaching for the stars,
siri treehouse*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a video segment of the show- thanx courtney!

urban gardening in the 'burg

A friend just forwarded this to me, and I just had to share with you all....will try to sneak outta the trees and see you there!! Wildflower seed balls! Awesome! Happy Spring!!!!

I'm now
heading up North Brooklyn's NAG (Neighbors Allied for Good Growth)
Open Space Committee. We're working on a guerrilla gardening
initiative this spring to get the Williamsburg/Greenpoint community
active in maintaining and improving our open spaces. Our first
workshop is this Saturday, March 21st, to be followed by several more!
The invite is listed below..

Also if you have any open space/gardening/sustainability projects
you'd like us to host or rally volunteers for, I would LOVE to hear
about them.
Spread your seed, everybody!
Emily Gallagher

NAG Open Space Group
Saturday, March 21, 2009
3:00pm - 6:00pm
NAG Office
101 Kent Street at North 8th


On Saturday NAG Open Space working group will hold a workshop to
create seed balls, a land reclamation strategy for derelict, neglected
and abandoned land. The strategy of combining Terra cotta clay and
hardy annual seeds into dried pellets has been used by groups for
hundreds of years, including the famous London guerrilla gardening
groups lead by Richard Reynolds, as well as natural farmer Masanobu
Fukuoka, and originated as a Native American farming strategy.

NAG (Neighbors Allied for Good Growth) will be constructing the seed
balls (containing wildflower seeds) on Saturday, March 21st, and
distributing them on Saturday, March 28th to be cast into abandoned
lots and neglected patches of land all over North Brooklyn at the
participants discretion.

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Show Feb. 21st at glasslands

more pics on flickr here
I'm still putting it all together....gathering photos and videos from everyone who so kindly recorded this spectacular moment. And truly, I'm still in shock. Our fashion show was honestly above and beyond my crazy dreams! On Saturday, February 21st treehouse yet again joined forces with our sister shoppe Sodafine, and also with our dear friend Mindy of the up-n-coming Tom Tom Magazine(all about female drummers! rad!) and an amazing assortment of brooklyn female musicians, mainly drummers. One by one they casually climbed up the stage, stuck a pose, and then found their drum or instrument of choice and started playing. First, a simple funky but pure bass line from Bell of the band Taigaa!!!, dresses in a marching band inspired outfit by erin weckerle of sodafine, then Christina of Boyskout got on the drumkit, still keeping the beat simple and building suspense (outfit by erin weckerle of sodafine). Then Elizabeth Sun of Gogol Bordello sauntered onto the stage wearing Sirius for treehouse and a gorgeous felt flower hat by Ellen of eecouture rocking a triangle. The musical ladies kept filing out one after another, and the sound kept building until 9 ladies were hard-core rocking onstage, Katie Eastburn of Katie Eastburn and Young People in Sodafine and ruling the tambourine, Jee of Tiaggaa in Sodafine, Dreiky of Crash Worship and 88Boredoms (and 5 months pregnant! Congrats!) in Sirius, Fonlin of Dragons of Zynth in Sirius, Shannon of !!! and many other musical ventures ruling it in Sirius, Mindy of Tiagaa! and Tom Tom Magazine in Sirius and rocking the toms and the whistle.....and the crowd was a-hollering and dancing along with the beat. Just when no one thought it could get any more powerful, Suzanne of Lone Wolf and Cub jumped up on a trapeze, performed many a feat while keeping the beat, and then hung from her knees and grabbed some sticks and threw down some major beats on a big drum. The crowd went nuts, and we couldn't stop glowing. Or celebrating until the wee hours of the night. Oh, and then following the show, two of our fav bands performed.... Tall Firs, and.....Celebration. It was beyond divine.We wish you coulda bee there, and there's so much more to explain, so many people to thank....we hope you enjoy the pics and we'll also be trying to upload some videos.....kisses from the branches, reaching for the stars, siri treehouse