treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Show Feb. 21st at glasslands

more pics on flickr here
I'm still putting it all together....gathering photos and videos from everyone who so kindly recorded this spectacular moment. And truly, I'm still in shock. Our fashion show was honestly above and beyond my crazy dreams! On Saturday, February 21st treehouse yet again joined forces with our sister shoppe Sodafine, and also with our dear friend Mindy of the up-n-coming Tom Tom Magazine(all about female drummers! rad!) and an amazing assortment of brooklyn female musicians, mainly drummers. One by one they casually climbed up the stage, stuck a pose, and then found their drum or instrument of choice and started playing. First, a simple funky but pure bass line from Bell of the band Taigaa!!!, dresses in a marching band inspired outfit by erin weckerle of sodafine, then Christina of Boyskout got on the drumkit, still keeping the beat simple and building suspense (outfit by erin weckerle of sodafine). Then Elizabeth Sun of Gogol Bordello sauntered onto the stage wearing Sirius for treehouse and a gorgeous felt flower hat by Ellen of eecouture rocking a triangle. The musical ladies kept filing out one after another, and the sound kept building until 9 ladies were hard-core rocking onstage, Katie Eastburn of Katie Eastburn and Young People in Sodafine and ruling the tambourine, Jee of Tiaggaa in Sodafine, Dreiky of Crash Worship and 88Boredoms (and 5 months pregnant! Congrats!) in Sirius, Fonlin of Dragons of Zynth in Sirius, Shannon of !!! and many other musical ventures ruling it in Sirius, Mindy of Tiagaa! and Tom Tom Magazine in Sirius and rocking the toms and the whistle.....and the crowd was a-hollering and dancing along with the beat. Just when no one thought it could get any more powerful, Suzanne of Lone Wolf and Cub jumped up on a trapeze, performed many a feat while keeping the beat, and then hung from her knees and grabbed some sticks and threw down some major beats on a big drum. The crowd went nuts, and we couldn't stop glowing. Or celebrating until the wee hours of the night. Oh, and then following the show, two of our fav bands performed.... Tall Firs, and.....Celebration. It was beyond divine.We wish you coulda bee there, and there's so much more to explain, so many people to thank....we hope you enjoy the pics and we'll also be trying to upload some videos.....kisses from the branches, reaching for the stars, siri treehouse

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hodge podge said...

oh boy, so sorry i couldna been there! by the way, TAG! you're IT: look here