treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tonight! Chica Vas! This Wknd! Homemade Brooklyn! July! Anniversary Party!

*sorry we know it's last minute, and it's been a while since we wrote, but we have a few pieces of exciting news!

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1) TONIGHT at 9pm at Williamsburg Hall of Music (N6th near Kent ave) our all-female percussion band (now over 20 members!!!!) CHICA VAS will be opening for Mirah and stoked, and hope you can swing by!!!

2) THIS WEEKEND!: Sirius Lux for treehouse brooklyn is excited to be a part of Homemade:Brooklyn at the Metropolitan Green building June 25-27, 11am-late. There'll be a lot of awesome local designers, bands, crafts, haircuts and lots of surprises...and we'll be introducing our new line of zodiac jewels, Sirius* Starchild...;)

3)Sunday, July 18th: treehouse turns......4!!!!!!! we'll be having a superduper celebration...more details coming's gonna be major!!! 

...oh, and we hope you get a chance soon to swing by treehouse...we have tons of new designers, pretty summer dresses and jewels, vintage treats, and our AC is pumping so we're always the perfect spot to chill out...;)

kisses from the branches,
and reaching for the stars,
sirius* treehouse

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

have we mentioned lately how much we love the uniform project?

View more news videos at:

"Thread NY caught up with Sheena Matheiken at the tail end of The Uniform Project, her year-long exercise in sustainability wherein she wore one dress for 365 days. We accompanied her to a couple of her favorite Williamsburg shopping haunts, where she hones her styling genius.

Since the first day of the first dress, we've been enthralled by Matheiken's journey, which she documented with a daily photograph of her outfit on The Uniform Project blog. The point of her yearlong exercise? To extol the value of reuse while raising funds for The Akanksha Foundation's efforts to school children in the slum's of her native India. Supporters could contribute cash to the cause or accessories to help her create new outfits.
The yearlong experiment has concluded, but Matheiken has only just begun to exercise her styling genius. We were thrilled to tag along on a mini-tour of two Williamsburg boutiques that supported her mission, Treehouse and Malin Landaeus, during which she showed us how to maximize what you've already got."

thank you so much to sheena matheiken of the uniform project and laurel pinson of NBC's thread ny! and supposedly this video is in taxi cabs all over ny right now! please let us know if u see it! 

kisses from the branches,
and reaching for the stars,
sirius* (lux) treehouse

lioncut kittens

yup. i'm a crazy cat lady. proud of it! hope you enjoy this little video i made of getting my cats lucky & scrappy their annual summer lioncuts (with mohawks, of course). ;). i promise i won't make a habit of this, just can't stop grinning about how cute they look and had to share...;)

kisses from the branches,
and reaching for the stars,
sirius* (lux) treehouse

Thursday, June 03, 2010

THIS SAT at Change You Want To See Gallery...with DoTank Brooklyn...

One of our favorite neighborhood spots that is always coming up with radical new ways to be a better citizen is hosting this great even on Saturday.....please go and take notes for us?

let's get dirty to pretty up our hood! ;)

kisses from the branches
and reaching for the stars,
sirius (lux) treehouse*

Please join us at The Change You Want To See Gallery this Saturday for a hands-on urban agriculture workshop with hosts DoTank Brooklyn. From worms to seed bombs to vertical, hydroponic, modular, low-energy, high-yield edible window farms, you'll gain new tools to help you engage in and enhance your urban environment.
Bring curiosity, cameras, and a pen and notebook.
Saturday June 5, 1-3pm

$15 entry to cover materials

Capped at 30 attendees for the best hands-on experience
Click here to RSVP if you intend to pay at the door
(does not guarantee your spot)
Click here to
RSVP and Pre-Pay by card
(guarantees your spot)


DoTank is a public vessel for interdisciplinary exploration, engagement and enhancement of our urban environment through means outside of the formal urban planning process. We make rapid and meaningful change by exploring and testing in our laboratory: Brooklyn, NY. By catalyzing local intellectual capital, we carry out interventions meant to improve the built environment. We connect, capture, build, design, and produce, and above all else, we Do.

Windowfarms are vertical, hydroponic, modular, low-energy, high-yield edible window gardens built using low-impact or recycled local materials. They serve to empower city folks to grow food inside, year-round, and give ordinary people a way to contribute innovations toward more sustainable cities.

Seed bombing is where gardeners throw a "green grenade" into an empty lot filling in all those empty spots and roadside tracts of land with flowers and/or food. With this unauthorized act of participation guerrilla gardeners do the work that our cities should be paying to have done.

Worms!!!! And indoor composting.