treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

Thursday, October 29, 2009

treehouse hosted the uniform project on swedish TV!

the segment starts around minute 15...
check out sheena's impromptu fashion show with designer (feral childe, itsokmydear,sirius lux, etc)and vintage wares from treehouse. who knew treehouse could be such an awesome runway? work it, sheena!
yay! treehouse is big in sweden! ;)

kisses from the branches, sirius* treehouse

Saturday, October 24, 2009

BOO! treats no tricks at treehouse ;)

Dearest tree friend,

yoko hard nips wfw fashion weekend show for treehouse and sodafine

pics from the last treehouse & sodafine fashion show at secret project robot as friday sept. 18th finale show of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, with the band HARD NIPS, members of the all-female percussion band CHICA VAS, and hulahoopin lovelies eve & autumn. this pic, lead singer Yoko of the HARD NIPS in one-of-a-kind SIRIUS* LUX crochet copper chain collar and SIRIUS* one-of-a-kind shibori-bleached jersey dress. makeup by cheyenne timperio, hair by kate hanley. they all are super talented and blow minds.

Dude. we apologize. it's been a-WHILE! we've been out of it. we've been busy. we've been happy. we've had an amazing fashion show with our fab friends sodafine. we've been to nebraska. we've had a birthday. we've had allergies. we've been trying to catch up. we've been blessed to play with the greatest band in the world chica vas (record release party coming soon yes!). we've been trying to figure it all out. we've been making crochet chain necklaces for our new line of jewelry that we're totally stoked about, sirius lux. we've been planning craft classes. we've been meeting new designers that have joined the forces of treehouse (living jewelry, ruffeo n lil snotty, nancy kraskin jewelry and more...come check it out!). we've been kicking it with the lovely lasses of the uniform project. we've been trying to envision the perfect halloween costume (any ideas?). in other words, we haven't written you for a while, and we apologize. we miss you and hope you miss us back. we'll try and begin to catch up here.

*our show with sodafine Sept 18th as part of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend at the lovely Secret Project Robot... included the super rad-n-rockin lady band the HARD NIPS, members of the all-lady percussion band CHICA VAS, and hulahoopin model was kinda the most awesome thing ever. not kinda. it was!
our friends at smashing darlings wrote a sweet review...
pics 1 (thanx lauren bilanko!)
pics 2 (thanx hodgepodge!)
and pleeeez send us pics if u got em! cuz there were a lotta cameras flashin...and we can't get enough...

*oh, and the SALE SALE SALE is STILL on..VINTAGE is 30% off!!!!! PUUUURFECT for finding those holes in your halloween costume....we'll trick it out together...we have ideas for costumes that we REALLY want to share...spookytastic!...and wait for'll be all on SALE !! and ...and ...and we have new stuff EVERY DAY. how do we do it? it's truly a mystery for the ages...

*in addition, craft classes are gonna be back BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER (which is crazy mad soon...where did this year go?)!! Yay! So get ready for some crafty fun! it's gonna be so sweet!

*last but not least, we've made a little facebook group for treehouse which we'd love for you to join. there'll be special deals and insights into the land of treehouse and what makes us tick...

kisses from the branches,
and reaching for the stars,
sirius* treehouse

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

great photos from our fashion show on flickr

bilanko_LNB5685, originally uploaded by siriusspace.

I'm sorry i haven't posted more already.A lot more pics can be found on our facebook page (treehouse brooklyn), and more keep trickling in. Such an amazing show! the all-female japanese band the Hard nips perform, with members of the all-female percussionist group we created for our last show along with sodafine and tom tom magazine, Chicas Vas, and two hulahoopin lovelies as a part of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Sept. 18th at Secret Project Robot. enjoy! more to come soon...

website in the making for my new line of crocheted jewelry, Sirius* Lux

more to come soon...Sirius* Lux