treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

saltlick tees (for the dudes)!

treehouse featured find #5:

saltlick tees and sweatshirts for the dudes!
you can't go wrong with a smart, thought provoking felt applique tee or sweatshirt from our friends at brooklyn based label saltlick. designs range from anatomy (anatomical hearts!) to rocket ships and boomboxes. each piece is hand stitched and no two are exactly alike.
tees: $58, sweatshirts: $98


treehouse featured find #4:
banana necklace by snack mountain!
wow. treehouse friend lauren has done it again with her banana man necklaces. as the creator of snack mountain and hilarious otherworldly food characters, lauren is constantly cracking us up with her special cast of friends. also check out her 1 inch buttons and framed art prints for sale at, you guessed it, treehouse!!
necklace: $18 (also available in blue/yellow)
pins: $1 each
framed prints: $24

Monday, November 27, 2006

earrings by K.I.M.

treehouse featured find #3:
charm jewelry by Keep it Moving Design
adorable earrings by Kim from Keep it Moving Design are a perfect gift idea! each pair is unique and handmade with vintage charms and findings. we love the tiny cameos and vintage watch face pieces. there's even a pair with hand knit "coral"... and while you're checking out the jewels, be sure to see the knit tree crafted especially for treehouse by the talented and lovely kim.
$24 - $48 (limited availability: one of a kind pieces*)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

fancy treat wallet: cute!

treehouse featured find #2:

31 corn lane's fancy treat wallet!

the lovely ladies from super duper local label 31 corn lane have made the perfect wallet. inspired by every girl's best friend holly hobbie, the fancy treat wallet is one in a series of amazing handbags and accessories featured by the corn lane girls here at treehouse. happy patchwork designs, cute as a button details and fabulous functionality equals a wallet so spectacular you'll never want to hide it inside your handbag.
$30 available at treehouse
(psst: mention the featured finds gift guide and
save 10% on this wallet today! )

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

happy burd day

treehouse featured find #1:
burd by lucy marten!
each one of these "burds" is lovingly handmade by our friend lucy. hand stitched and stuffed, these lovelies are made from vintage fabrics. each one is totally an individual. and don't you just love the funny little feet. they're actually weighted just a bit so the little guys won't fly off their perch...a small flock is available at treehouse just for you.
$70 limited availablity

Happy Thanksgiving!

tomorrow marks the unofficial start of the holiday season.
treehouse wants to start it off with a bang...!
starting today (well, really tomorrow i guess) we're going to feature a super great, original and fantastic treehouse item every day til the end of december. kind of like an inspired gift guide. use it to find ideas for shopping, or start a list for yourself!
and remember, many of our lovely designers make one of a kind pieces and/or very small limited edition lines.
so if you like what you see, swing into the branches of treehouse and check it out.
we'll be open extended hours and special days for the holidays...tba after thanksgiving.

430 graham ave, williamsburg BROOKLYN!,
b/t withers and frost streets,

open wed-sun 1-8pm (tuesdays starting in December...!)
click here for a map!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

really?! really.

psssst. wanna hear a secret? every now and again, treehouse put things on the rack for free! really. all you have to do is read the tags...
chalk it up to too many treasures in our back room, a strange desire to give away, or even just the pleasure of seeing someone find a surprise.

above top is a picture of maggie and brad. (funny because he really is an engineer!)
jeff is pictured below them. he found the perfect blue tee to go with his eyes!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

new biggs and featherbelle shipment!

just in! we are restocked with deliciously potent biggs and featherbelle body products. come in and smell for yourself...soaps, lip balms and body butters created with essential oils and all natural ingredients like oatmeal, sweet almond oil, green tea, sea salt and vitamin E!
from their website:
"Biggs & Featherbelle soaps are handmade with unique recipes to meet the needs of different skin types, using the properties of natural resources to heal and nourish. Every ingredient is purposeful and free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and additives."

sample sale today

sample sale TODAY! in park slope...
treehouse designers hodgepodge, raeburn ink and elyse allen will join other treehouse friends for a real deal sample sale!
check it out if you're in park slope today: 249 19th street #4B (between 5th and 6th aves)