treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

treehouse brooklyn 430 graham ave brooklyn, new york 11211

Monday, September 21, 2015

a stroll down treehouse lane...

Been cleaning out the Treehouse / Sirius Lux jewelry photo folders, and found some pics I felt like sharing. Hope you enjoy!

R.I.P The Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Many fond memories!

The classic Sirius Lux woven chain neckpiece. Here in 3 lengths!

Brass Sea Urchin Spine Pendulum necklaces.

Vintage Austrian crystal and woven brass chain Sirius Lux bracelet.

oooooooh I *LOVE* this one! Vintage swarovski crystal, quartz crystal points, and woven brass chain. Only one of these ever made...yet.

I hope you've enjoyed my nostalgic journey through Sirius Lux jewels past! Please follow us @treehousebrooklyn , and check out the jewelry site Sirius Lux to stay abreast of new designs. Many are one-of-a-kind, so don't let them get away!

kisses from the branches,
and reaching for the stars,
aka Sirius Lux
of Treehouse Brooklyn

Friday, May 22, 2015

Wow! We sure haven't been keeping up with updating the Treehouse goings-on in the blogosphere! Our apologies, if you'd like to know more, please follow us on instagram @treehousebrooklyn . Also, we're so happy to announce the website for our in-house jewelry line, Sirius Lux. Please check it out!

Monday, December 15, 2014

HOLIDAZE CHEERS!!! this thurs 6-9!!!


    treehouse holidaze
Hello tree friends!
Just wanted to invite you to celebrate this sparkly festive time of year with us, THIS THURSDAY (DEC 18th) 6-9pm. Please join us! Cocktails, sales and so much more! Pick up some last-minute gifts for your loved ones... and yourself as well! Everything in-store will be 15% OFF! Cuz we love to love ya!

Have we mentioned lately how thankful we are for your support? Because we are! So so much!! xo, treehouse

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy! Spooky! Party! This Thurs!

Hello tree friends!
Just wanted to invite you to celebrate THIS THURSDAY (oct. 23rd) 6-9 a  LIBRA HALLOWEEN BASH. 4 of our Treehouse n' Friends partners are Libras, and so we're throwing a ghoulish, yet delicious soiree. Please join us! Cocktails, sales and spookily delicious treats. Cuz we love to love ya!

Have we mentioned lately how thankful we are for your support? Because we are! So so much!! xo, treehouse

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thanks bedfordandbowery for the shoutout! Take THIS, Space Ninety 8! ;)

Treehouse Grows in Brooklyn, Becoming a Local Designer ‘Super Store’

(Photo courtesy of Treehouse)
(Photo courtesy of Treehouse)
Take this, Space Ninety 8! Six Brooklyn-based jewelry and clothing designers are combing their talents to co-run a “super store” in Williamsburg. Treehouse, which celebrates its eighth anniversary this year, will serve as the brick-and-mortar location for the collaboration, which will feature the wares of Jessica DeCarlo Jewelry, Glove Notes by Feather, Species by the Thousands, Kiki and Gazelle, and Sodafine.

Treehouse founder Siri Wilson (whose jewelry line Sirius Lux will also be featured) has had several different pop-ups over the years, but at Treehouse & Friends the like-minded designers (all of whom Wilson has worked with before) will be running the store together.
The name Treehouse was inspired by A Tree Grows in Brooklyn as well as Wilson’s Northern Californian childhood in the 1970s. “I was always fascinated with tree-houses and utopian dream spaces,” she says—an ethos that the collaborative nature of Treehouse & Friends pays homage to.
The new store will be kicking off with a fiesta on Friday, June 27, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. It’s open to the public, and will involve “music and drinks and good times,” plus a cheeky 15% discount. “And,” says Wilson, as if we need any more encouragement, “I make very delicious cocktails.”
Treehouse & Friends, 430 Graham Ave

Friday, December 06, 2013

SLOWFAX + TREEHOUSE = PARTY!! This Sunday 6-? ;)

Hey tree friends! Just a quick reminder! Our buddy Karla from SLOWFAX has joined us at Treehouse for the Holidays!  Come help us celebrate and check out her on-trend curated vintage wears. As always, the tastiest snacks and booze will be provided. And we're putting out a lot of new jewelry and other perfect gifts for the holidaze everyday so you can get your gifting done without frequenting the big box stores and supporting their evil evil ways ;) xo, treehouse

P.S.: peep us on instagram! @treehousebrooklyn where we post new/fun/rad stuff daily!
slowfax is poppin up at treehouse!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Come join us this Saturday from 1-6 at Daddy's (435 Graham Ave, caddy-corner from Treehouse) for lots of new, one of a kind Sirius Lux jewels!  We are excited to share the market with neighborhood pals and amazing artists and craftspeople such as Liz Collins, Glitterlimes and more. Start off the holiday season right with some early shopping and treats for yourself!
Not only will there be amazing original goods but you can also have your tarot read, enjoy a spiced drink and check out their addictive hot dog bar.  Mmmmm, go Daddy's go!

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Kisses from the branches,

and reaching for the stars,
Sirius* Treehouse,  
 Treehouse  Brooklyn 

Thank you as always for supporting local designers
and a local-run business at Treehouse Brooklyn.
Here's to supporting local and to
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Treehouse Brooklyn 
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Brooklyn 11211